If you own or oversee any structure where people work at then this service would likely be a good fit for you right now.  We help all our clients keep their locations safe and clean.  Electrostatically spraying a harm free botanical solution is our specialty. 

Our electrostatic spraying services are quick, effective and always get the job done.  All our clients have peace of mind knowing they do the best they can by hiring us to save them time and money.  The man hours and labor we replace for others is astounding. 

What takes some companies dozens of man hours to complete, we do in a fraction of the time.  This is the hands down most efficient way to eliminate serious potential health hazards for your company and we get the job done every time.  We can spray your location on a regular and ongoing basis even after the coronavirus has become a thing of past which helps not only protect you and others now but also from future dangers.  Imagine resting easier knowing your future potential loss caused from possible downtime because people got sick is much lower because we showed up to help.  You don't people to get sick and neither do we.

The botanical disinfectant solution we spray is non-toxic, non-corrosive and causes no damage to small or large electronics.  The solution is EPA registered and does not require any PPE.  We still use full PPE nonetheless.

We will have your location sprayed thoroughly and efficiently.  Our rates are based on floor space and calculated per square foot.  We charge anywhere between .20-.30 cents per each square foot.   

For example: An office space of 1,000 square feet would cost you anywhere between $200-$300 per visit.  Most customers prefer to have their locations sprayed at least once a week.  We can schedule you as often as you like.

Feel free to give us a call or send us a message to let us know what you need sprayed.  If we don't answer back right away then just give us until the next business day to respond.

Thank you and take care!