Your home is your sanctuary.  We specialize in helping you keep your sanctuary clean and safe for all your family members...pets included.

We specialize in electrostatically spraying the Bioesque Solutions Botanical Disinfectant which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a broad spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi (mold) and is suitable to be used in residential, hospital and commercial applications.  The solution disinfects, sanitizes, cleans, and deodorizes in ONE STEP.  No wiping or rinse is required, even on food contact surfaces.

More features include:  Sanitizes soft surfaces in just 2 minutes.  Eliminates 99.9% of most Allergens upon contact.  Kills odor causing bacteria.  Kills bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  Non-abrasive and Non-corrosive.  Non-flammable and No harmful chemicals.  Free from Chlorine and Phosphates.  No personal protective equipment (PPE) needed but we do use full PPE at every customer's home.  Safe to use everyday.

Electrostatic spraying technology was used all around the world long before Covid interrupted all our lives.  The technology will continue being used after Covid has passed.  Our services started this past summer during the height of our nation's lockdown. 

The Bioesque solution we spray has a pleasant lemongrass grapefruit scent which means your home will smell fresh after each visit.  Most clients ask for us to spray their homes once a week, some receive a visit twice a week.

Many of our clients express interest in continuing the use of our services after pandemic has ended.  We foresee an ongoing continuation of our specialty service for years to come.

Our rates are as followed:

Our base rate is $125.  We spray one, two and three bedroom homes for that price.  Apartments, lofts and houses all get the same treatment. The base rate pays us to spray all your bedrooms,  bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, game rooms, entertainment room, studies, closets, entryways, finished basements/attics, stairways, mud rooms ect.  Exceptions include unfinished attics, unfinished basements, car garages and exterior sheds.  We can spray any of those additional spaces for $25 each.

For example:  A three bedroom home with one exterior shed and an unfinished basement will cost the customer $175.  Three bedroom home ($125), exterior shed ($25) plus unfinished basement ($25).  If you would like to add a car garage ($25) then your total cost will be $200 tax included. 

If your home is larger than three bedrooms, your cost will be an additional $25 for each room after counting the first three.

For example:  An eight bedroom home service cost will include the $125 base rate plus an additional $25 for each of the other five bedrooms.  Base rate ($125) plus five bedrooms ($125).

Total cost for your eight bedroom home would be $250.  Additional spaces charged separately.

Instructions for servicing:


We do not require our customers to leave the home when we spray.  Our solution is very safe and does it's job fast.    We don't want anyone inside a room when it's being sprayed but you can watch us if you like from the doorway.  The room is ready for you to go back into after five to seven minutes.

Two commonly asked questions:

How much time does it take for you to spray a home?  Do we have to leave the house?:

First time customers usually ask how long the process takes.  Electrostatic sprayers are very effective at covering a large area within a short amount of time.  We are in and out almost as fast as it takes to 'slowly' walk through your home.  A small three bedroom home can be sprayed in less than fifteen minutes.

We do not require family members and pets to be outside the home while we spray.  We simply walk in to spray everywhere you want.  After that we walk out leaving your home clean and smelling fresh.  All our clients are welcome to walk through the home with us while we spray.  We don't recommend staying inside a room that had just been sprayed.  We find it best to wait a couple minutes for the solution to settle and dry.  



Exceeding Expectations